Our Expertise

We have decades of experience in delivering IT infrastructure end-to-end for organisations of any sizes.
Our team is certified and we want to ensure you the fact that we can deliver tailor made solutions making sure we work alongside your internal project and IT teams to deliver most of your expectations.
Cloud adoption

The Cloud is "now" and many business are either transitioning or seriously considering the many opportunities Cloud Computing offers. 
The Cloud is something you can have it on-prem or hosted somewhere else with the oportunity to "pay-as-you-grow" pricing model depending on your needs and your business particularity.
We can help you setting up your own privete cloud or we can help you move it to a public cloud solution. 

Solution Design

With many years of experience in End User Computing, Application deployments, Virtualisation and Cloud, we can provide business and technical guidance on technology roadmaps and strategies. 
We can assist you with the Design Phase for your existing or new IT solutions.
We validate the solution helping you to build a Proof of Concept environment to make sure it meets functional requirements. 

Project Implementation

We have experience in delivering IT projects end-to-end for organisations of any size. 
We can assist with every phase of a project, from Design through to user migrations and Go-Live. 
We can delivere workshops, training and documentation in regards of IT projects that will support teams in doing their jobs. 

IT Audit & Optimization

Poorly designed or maintained IT infrastructure and also unprepared support team can cause harm to your business and make IT departments despondent. 
If your users or customers complain about poorly performing IT systems and your business is at risk of reputational or financial loss, we can assist you. 
We analyse your entire IT infrastructure and recommend improvements.
We help to formulate, track and execute a remediation plan. 


On Demand Support

Major incidents and root cause analysis can be costly and prevent your IT teams from focusing on supporting your business. We can assist you by offering advises and solutions in regards of your IT infrastructure for a batter monitoring and incident response. We provide assistance with incident resolution and root cause analysis.

IT Consultancy

Our in-depth product and spread knowledge coupled with our experience of working with businesses of all sizes make us the perfect partner for your ad-hoc support requirements.

We look over your infrastructure issues that internal IT teams might not have the resources to resolve and provide solutions.We produce high level technical documentation, containing detailed information of the issue and the solution. We can run technical workshops to empower in-house IT teams with expert knowledge from the field.


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